Jan. 30, 2023

Dog Cancer True Tail: Buddy Beats Hemangiosarcoma | Laura Gillespie #201

Dog Cancer True Tail: Buddy Beats Hemangiosarcoma | Laura Gillespie #201

Buddy the Bulldog is a dog cancer success story, and against the formidable foe hemangiosarcoma no less!

When Buddy was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, Laura and Richard were devastated. Even worse, he did very poorly after his first chemo treatment. With chemotherapy now off the table, they changed tactics and focused on general wellbeing and quality of life. A year and a half later, Buddy is still thriving!

Listen in to hear the full story, along with a discussion of median survival times and how you can approach your dog’s cancer journey one step at a time.


0:00 Start

5:10 Trouble with Chemo

6:51 Diet Changes

9:04 Adding a Puppy

12:11 Follow Up Scans

14:26 Quality of Life

16:21 Treats and Cooking

18:42 Laura’s Top Advice

20:18 Median Survival Time

About Today’s Guest, Laura Gillespie:

Laura is a yoga teacher in Glasgow in Scotland. She worked full time until 2021, when she decided to leave to teach yoga and work her own hours, partly because Buddy had just been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and she and her partner didn’t know how long they would have with him.

Now that they have two dogs, the house is never quiet. The dogs go most places with Laura - to her friends’ houses, in the car to shops, the bathroom floor when she’s in the shower, and of course, to the pub.


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