May 1, 2023

The Best and Worst Foods for Dog Cancer | Dr. Susan Recker #214

The Best and Worst Foods for Dog Cancer | Dr. Susan Recker #214

Food is medicine! Veterinarian Susan Recker recommends the best foods for dogs with cancer and food types to avoid for these pups.

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Dr. Susan Recker is a veterinarian with a passion for nutrition. In this episode, she recommends four foods that can benefit any dog with cancer and six things to avoid when choosing foods for your dog.

The best foods for dog cancer are sardines, mushrooms, cruciferous veggies, and berries. Listen in to learn how these foods can benefit your dog, how much to feed, and how often to feed.

Foods to avoid are foods cooked at high heat, artificial preservatives, rancid fats, artificial coloring, GMOs (but not for the reason you might think), and excessive omega-6 fatty acids. Listen in to learn more about these potentially detrimental compounds and how you can cut them out of your dog’s diet.

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0:00 Start

2:39 Diet and Cancer

6:08 #1: Sardines

11:21 #2: Mushrooms

13:37 Nutrition from Food Not Supplements

16:23 Cooking Mushrooms

18:24 #3: Cruciferous Vegetables

24:43 #4: Berries

28:02 Foods to Avoid

28:34 Avoid Foods Cooked Under High Heat

34:57 Avoid Artificial Preservatives

37:42 Avoid Rancid Fats

41:31 Avoid Artificial Colors

42:14 Avoid GMOs

44:32 Small Changes Matter

46:02 Avoid Excessive Omega-6 Fatty Acids

48:24 No One Thing Caused Your Dog’s Cancer

About Today’s Guest, Dr. Susan Recker:

Dr. Susan Recker grew up in Iowa, steeped in a firm sense of responsibility for the earth and its creatures.

After graduating from veterinary school at Iowa State University, she practiced small animal medicine in WI and IL. She saw a growing need for outside-the-conventional-box treatments, so she became certified in veterinary spinal manipulation therapy (chiropractic).

Dr. Recker is also a committed and meticulous educator. Given a laptop, a cubicle, and a starter budget, Dr. Recker designed and established an accredited veterinary technician program at Gateway Technical College in Elkhorn, WI. Writing a balanced, comprehensive curriculum was a delight – and teaching it was just as satisfying. Her students continue to carry her legacy of fervent, proactive animal advocacy.

As Dr. Recker’s experience grows, so does her commitment to high-quality integrative treatments. Her most recent interest is using food as medicine. She formulates complete and balanced diets, reveling in how much joy good food brings to animals and their humans.

Dr. Recker is glad to add to her life story of loving and serving animals by empowering their humans with education.


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