Dog Edition

Dog Edition

From the serious to the sublime … Is it possible to have a news-magazine formatted show only about dogs? DOG EDITION offers a resounding "Yes!" A global team of dog-obsessed journalists and storytellers produce ... news, in-depth reporting, analysis, features, and interview segments in a weekly podcast.

DOG EDITION is the flagship show from Dog Podcast Network (DPN). DPN is the first of its kind: a podcasting network as devoted to dogs as they are to us. Brilliant sound, broadcast-quality production values, and great storytelling.

Our dogs might not be our whole life, but they sure make our lives whole. At DPN, our mission is to help improve the quality of life for dogs and the people who love them. Our goal is simple: entertain, inspire and inform.

DOG EDITION is our modest attempt to pay down the collective debt to humankind's best friend. Dogs have been loyal companions for over 33,000 years ... it’s time to reciprocate and pay close attention to All Things Dog.

Recent Episodes

Crossing International Borders with Your Dog | Dog Edition #54

May 17, 2022

Adventures are always better when you bring your dog. Just make sure you have the right paperwork!

Dogs as Medicine | Dog Edition #53

May 3, 2022

Mary Poppins sings “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” But what about a spoonful of the essence of a dog? Dogs can help mend the soul, and according to some 17th-century recipes, maybe even a sore throat.

Back To Nature With Our Dogs | Dog Edition #52

April 19, 2022

It’s only April, but we’re already dreaming of summer camping, dock diving, and other epic adventures with our easiest outdoor companions … our dogs.

Conservation Canines | Dog Edition #51

March 15, 2022

We traveled around the world to bring you stories of conservation canines using their super sniffers and prey drive to help humans and nature coexist. From bear dogs in the desert, to plant detectors in the tropics, we have …

A Texas Sized Problem | Dog Edition #50

March 1, 2022

Dog Edition takes you on an investigative journey to better understand how Houston’s animal population has gotten so out of control, and what can be done to remedy the situation.

When Dog Adoptions Don’t Work Out | Dog Edition #49

Feb. 15, 2022

The pain and shame of having to rehome a newly-adopted puppy is exquisite, but sometimes dog lovers have to put the needs of the dog first. Stephanie Nelson shares her own experience and Lisa Giesick explains why she did the…

About the Hosts

James Jacobson Profile Photo

James Jacobson

Host, Founder & CEO

Pamela Lorence Profile Photo

Pamela Lorence

Senior Producer

Caroline Winter Profile Photo

Caroline Winter

Senior Producer

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From the serious to the sublime … Is it possible to have a news-magazine formatted show o…

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