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Dog Edition Rocks

I’m a huge fan. Absolutely love Dog Edition! The variety of topics, interviews, fun sound effects and James’s captivating radio voice make for an educational and entertaining show for any dog lover.

Amazing guests!

Each week I tune in and I learn something new! Great pacing, sound and topics! I run with my dogs and plug right in and listen. Just subscribed to “The Long Leash with James Jacobson” to listen to some of my favorite guests for longer interviews. Enjoying that one as well. Keep it up!

Great podcast!

Thanks for the fun podcast!

Pleasant Surprise!

I’m a dog mom and all I can say is that I love listening to this podcast. I’m all about dog behavior and the more we know, the better we get with our own pups. Fun stories, great dialogue and informative!

A must listen for dog lovers!

I was so happy to find DogEdition! Not only is it an extremely entertaining and informative show about dogs, but the production quality is off the charts! Imagine NPR’s All Things Considered, but for Dog Lovers. DogEdition has quickly become one of my favorite new podcasts and the perfect escape from the daily news. 5 paws!

Fun and informative!

I am loving the Dog Edition podcasts! They are fun, upbeat, and insightful, and I always learn something. The production quality is superb. In a time when daily news is not always pleasant, it’s nice to have something positive to listen to. Looking forward to hearing more!

Love it!

As a dog mom I was so excited to learn about this show because what better topic to discuss when you’re walking your pup than dogs?! And I’m happy that it totally lives up to my expectations of what a dog-centric podcast should include: humor, fun conversations, knowledge and even things that can make my life with dogs better. Count me in as a weekly listener!