The Long Leash with James Jacobson

The Long Leash with James Jacobson

Dogs know that the most delicious and nourishing treats are often found on the ground. In “The Long Leash,” we rescue tasty scraps from the editing room floor in an unscripted interview show. Listen in as James Jacobson, founder of Dog Podcast Network, chats with newsmakers and celebrated dog lovers. Go behind the scenes of a fledgling podcast network dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for dogs and the people who love them.

Recent Episodes

The Future of At-Home Vet Tests with Jen Hagness | The Long Leash #75

Jan. 20, 2023

With fewer pet health care workers, more expensive vet appointments, and weekslong waiting times, can't you just figure out what’s going on with your dog’s health at home? Possibly, sort of, kind of!

I Miss You Already: Anticipatory Grief with Nancy Gordon | The Long Leash #74

Dec. 30, 2022

If you have ever loved a dog, you have probably grieved the loss of one, too. And you are not alone. But how do you navigate the pain and guilt when your beloved pet crosses over the rainbow bridge?

Guest: Nancy Gordon

Force Free Dog Training with Shannon Riley-Coyner | The Long Leash #73

Dec. 23, 2022

Dog training philosophy is changing. In the early days, punishment and pain were thought to be the best teachers. But now, training has shifted to something much more “pawsitive”.

The Dog Genius Challenge with Dr. Claudia Fugazza | The Long Leash #72

Dec. 16, 2022

Does your dog know the names of its toys? How many? Two? Four? What about 50? The Genius Dog Challenge is seeking the smartest dogs who can memorize the most toys. But why?

Solving Crime One Sniff at a Time with Jen Danna | The Long Leash #71

Dec. 9, 2022

Dogs share a deep bond with humans, particularly when they work together in search and rescue and police work.

Guest: Jen J. Danna

Connecting Human Health with Vet Care with Dr. Michael Blackwell | The Long Leash #70

Dec. 2, 2022

Veterinary care is expensive, even though the health of family members – human or canine – is priceless. When it’s the dog’s pain pills or food on the table, what’s a human to do?

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