Dec. 9, 2022

Solving Crime One Sniff at a Time with Jen Danna | The Long Leash #71

Solving Crime One Sniff at a Time with Jen Danna | The Long Leash #71

Dogs share a deep bond with humans, particularly when they work together in search and rescue and police work.

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On today’s show we hear from Jen Danna, a crime novelist whose FBI K9 novel series explores the world of FBI agent Meg Jennings and her search-and-rescue dog Hawk.

If you’re thinking “I thought that series was written by Sara Driscoll,” you’re right.

Sara Driscoll is a joint pen name for Danna, a Canadian infectious disease researcher, and her co-author, Ann Vanderlaan, a Texan oil biz technical writer. 

Their very different work and their shared passion for writing inspired them to pen seven novels under their joint pseudonym.

Danna’s dedication to scientific accuracy drives her storytelling. She shares what she has learned about the deep connection between FBI working dogs and their handlers. 

Danna also talks about the seventh novel in their series, “Still Waters,” which has been published half-posthumously after Vanderlaan’s death earlier this year. Even as she celebrates the new novel, Danna reflects on how she will continue Meg Jennings’ story now that she has lost her other writing half.

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Jen J. DannaProfile Photo

Jen J. Danna


After a day battling microscopic pathogens as part of a cutting-edge infectious diseases research group, Jen enjoys spending her evenings taking on hostage takers and serial killers. She is the author of the NYPD Negotiators thriller series, including EXIT STRATEGY and SHOT CALLER. With Ann Vanderlaan, she writes both the FBI K-9 series (as Sara Driscoll) and the Abbott and Lowell Forensic Mysteries. Book seven of the FBI K-9s, STILL WATERS, releases in December 2022. You can find her at