Jan. 20, 2023

The Future of At-Home Vet Tests with Jen Hagness | The Long Leash #75

The Future of At-Home Vet Tests with Jen Hagness | The Long Leash #75

With fewer pet health care workers, more expensive vet appointments, and weekslong waiting times, can't you just figure out what’s going on with your dog’s health at home? Possibly, sort of, kind of!

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You’ve come home from work to discover evidence your dog has diarrhea. Ugh. It continues, and you call the vet. No appointments for two weeks, unless you want to pay for an emergency visit … but this doesn’t seem like a huge emergency.

Most veterinary visits are for the same few problems. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get basic health tests – like fresh poop samples you scrape off your floor – done from home, and get the results back in time for your scheduled veterinary visit?

Today we are speaking with CEO Jen Hagness of MySimplePetLab, the first from home general wellness company. MySimplePetLab offers at-home and from-clinic testing kits for dogs and cats. The test kits are designed by veterinarians, and MySimplePetLab provides the tests, shipping to their lab for testing, and the results delivered to both you and your vet. 

Jen shares with us the benefits to pet parents and veterinarians of these kits, and what the future may hold for at home testing.

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02:56 MySimplePetLab

07:33 Traditional Pet Parents vs. Modern Pet Parents

11:33 Gold Standard Testing

12:59 Vets Included

15:29 2023 Teaser

20:02 Telemedicine

30:29 Being a CEO

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