May 23, 2022

Dog Cancer Vocab: Staging and Grading | Dr. Brooke Britton #168

Dog Cancer Vocab: Staging and Grading | Dr. Brooke Britton #168

Confused about dog cancer staging and grading, and not sure if the tests are worth the cost? Oncologist Brooke Britton explains the ins and outs.

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When your dog is diagnosed with cancer, suddenly you find yourself dropped into a world of medical jargon. Two terms you might hear are staging and grading.

In this episode, Dr. Brooke Britton explains what staging and grading are and what they can mean for your dog’s prognosis. Staging in particular can help indicate the best treatment plan for each case. Dr. Britton also goes over how to work with your vet to get the most bang for your buck – for many of us with a limited budget, we often need to pick and choose the staging tests that are likely to give us the most information and skip others to save money for cancer treatment.

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World Health Organization

About Today’s Guest, Dr. Brooke Britton:

Brooke Britton completed her residency training in Medical Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012, and has been in clinical practice in the NYC and Jersey Shore area since that time. She helmed the Brooklyn and Downtown arms of the Oncology Department for BluePearl Veterinary Partners in New York for the past 9 years, and was an active participant in house officer training and clinical trials during her tenure there. She currently serves as a private consultant and maintains an independent clinical practice. Dr. Britton has lectured nationally and authored several peer-reviewed articles. She has particular interest in hematologic malignancies and the metastatic cascade.


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