Dec. 26, 2022

Easy Ways to Improve Quality of Life for Dogs with Cancer | Kate Basedow #196

Easy Ways to Improve Quality of Life for Dogs with Cancer | Kate Basedow #196

Stress can prevent treatments from working well, but you can fix that. Learn ways to increase quality of life for dogs with cancer at home, for free.

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There are lots of things that you can do to help your dog feel happy and fulfilled, and to increase the human-animal bond. Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode:

1.     Walks

2.     Playing with toys

3.     Grooming

4.     Meditation

5.     Treats and special snacks

6.     Emotional management exercises

7.     Training

8.     Scent games

9.     Massage

10. Environmental enrichment

Links Mentioned in this Show:

Dog walking – the health benefits

The Benefits of Walking Your Dog

How to Meditate with Your Dog

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide


0:00 Start

2:22 Walks

7:28 Rehabilitation Therapy

8:46 New Toys

10:20 Eye Gazing and Oxytocin

14:32 Grooming

18:44 Meditation

23:59 Cheat Days

27:22 Life Story and Gratitude Exercise

32:03 Break

32:11 Training Time

36:20 Hide and Seek

38:25 Active Brains

41:06 Scent Games

42:34 Agility

44:08 Massage

49:40 Enrichment

About Today’s Guest, Kate Basedow, LVT:

Kate Basedow is the associate producer of Dog Cancer Answers and writes and edits for Kate grew up training and showing dogs, and her passion for canines has affected all parts of her life. She earned a BA in English from Cornell University and an AAS in Veterinary Science from SUNY Delhi, and is a licensed veterinary technician in the state of New York. Her writing on dog-related topics has earned numerous awards from the Dog Writers’ Association of America and the Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers. Kate currently serves and adores two Belgian Tervuren and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.



Other Links:

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