May 30, 2022

ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy for Dogs | Tammie Wahaus

ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy for Dogs | Tammie Wahaus

Bone cancer is a brutal disease, but ELIAS Animal Health has an immunotherapy protocol that is making headway.

Immunotherapy is becoming increasingly important in human cancer treatment, and more and more companies are bringing this technology over to dogs! The ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI) system is still experimental, but they are already seeing positive results in the approximately 200 dogs that have been treated so far.

CEO Tammie Wahaus explains how ECI works, the role of a healthy immune system in successful immunotherapy, and why they chose to focus on osteosarcoma first. A randomized pivotal trial comparing dogs treated with ECI to dogs treated with carboplatin chemotherapy will be complete later this year, and we will be following those results.

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About Today’s Guest, Tammie Wahaus:

As Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair, Ms. Wahaus has led the strategic planning, business development, manufacturing, regulatory and clinical trial activities of ELIAS Animal Health since 2014. Ms. Wahaus has more than 25 years of experience serving in key leadership roles in public and private companies. She joined TVAX Biomedical (an affiliate) in 2012 as Chief Financial Officer and was responsible for developing the animal health business strategy which was then spun off as ELIAS Animal Health.


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