Clinical Trials for Dog Cancer | Dr. Trina Hazzah Deep Dive

May 10, 2021

Alecia updates us on her dog’s vaccine trial, and it sparks a Deep Dive discussion with Dr. Trina Hazzah. A must-listen if you are considering enrolling in a clinical trial!

Why Is My Dog Not Eating? | Dr. Trina Hazzah Deep Dive

May 3, 2021

Is your dog feeling sick, and that’s why he’s not eating? How can you tell? Integrative Oncologist Dr. Trina Hazzah explains what could be the cause of your dog’s appetite loss.

Dog Testicles Not Dropping Plus Spay/Neuter Advice | Dr. Trina Hazzah Q&A

April 26, 2021

Listener Kim calls in with a question about her two-year-old dog’s testicles. They haven’t dropped, and the vet can’t find them. Should she keep looking for dog testicles? Are dog testicles not dropping a cancer risk?

Hemangiosarcoma Dog Symptoms: What Happens in the Last Days | Dr. Trina Hazzah Q&A

April 19, 2021

Sharon’s done a lot for her dog with hemangiosarcoma. Now he is gagging. Is this the end? Dr. Trina Hazzah, integrative oncologist, makes her best recommendation.

Pancreatitis Dog Diet for Cancer │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

April 12, 2021

The dog cancer diet recommended in The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is pretty high in fat. Can a dog with pancreatitis follow those guidelines? Dr. Nancy Reese advises caller Susan on how to modify the dog cancer diet for her dog with pancreatitis.

Melatonin for Cancer from Lifestyle and Supplements | Dr. Demian Dressler Deep Dive

April 5, 2021

Melatonin is a powerful hormone generated while dogs sleep, in complete darkness. Low levels are associated with cancer. So how do we boost melatonin for cancer?

Dog Bone Cancer – Symptoms & Amputation & Treatments | Dr. Demian Dressler Q&A

March 29, 2021

A reader asks why his veterinarian didn’t wait for a biopsy before suggesting amputation for his dog’s cancer. Dr. Demian Dressler explains why that probably was. The discussion that ensues covers a wide range of topics related to osteosarcoma and other bone cancers. This plain-language episode is …

Dog Euthanasia: What Happens │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

March 22, 2021

Nessa was surprised by how quickly her dog passed during euthanasia. She felt unprepared and sad that she didn’t get more time to hold her and say goodbye. Nessa is very kind, so she left a message on our listener line. Her question: can you describe the process, so others will be more prepared tha…

Signs Your Dog Is in Pain | Dr. Demian Dressler Deep Dive

March 15, 2021

If your dog is in pain, they yelp. Right? Wrong! Most often they just don’t “talk” about their pain. So how do we know if our best friend is OK? Dr. Demian Dressler joins us to discuss the many signs of pain. Some are subtle, and some you have to seek out. A must-listen episode for any dog lover! D…

Apoquel for Dogs and Cancer │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

March 8, 2021

People giving Apoquel for dog allergies often marvel at how effective it is at stopping the itch. But what about Apoquel side effects – and can Apoquel cause cancer? Dr. Nancy Reese weighs in.

Signs a Dog is Dying: A Vet Reveals What Your Dog May Be Experiencing | Dr. Demian Dressler Q&A

March 1, 2021

If your dog is lethargic, or vomiting, or seems to be visibly sick, you may see those as warning signs your dog is dying. But there are two more subtle signs you might miss. Dr. Dressler reveals the things he watches for.

Panacur for Cancer in Dogs │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

Feb. 22, 2021

It sounds crazy to use Panacur for cancer in dogs. Doesn’t it? It’s a dewormer! It doesn’t cure cancer … does it? Or wait, does it make cancers grow bigger? #dogcancerconfusion! Time to ask Dr. Nancy Reese to do some research.

Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine: A Critical Review | Dr. Trina Hazzah Deep Dive

Feb. 15, 2021

There are thousands of published scientific articles about cannabis and its constituents. There are 50 states with 50 different sets of law about its legality. It’s still banned on the federal level. Yet, dog lovers are using it to help their dogs, and expecting their veterinarians to understand an…

What Are the Symptoms of Dog Cancer? │ Dr. Demian Dressler Q&A

Feb. 8, 2021

In a quick but very helpful lesson, Dr. Demian Dressler discusses some of the common signs and symptoms that he sees in dogs that have cancer. Beginning with the tip of your dog's nose to the ends of their toes and every one of your dog’s body organs in-between, Dr. Dressler explains the many signs…

What is FidoCure? | Ben Lewis Deep Dive

Feb. 2, 2021

Targeted therapy works by directly inhibiting the growth and replication of the cancer cells in certain types of tumors, and because of its targeted action it has shown high rates of tumor responsiveness in people. So, what happens when you take this science and apply it to dogs?

Rare Plasmacytomas in Dogs │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

Jan. 25, 2021

In this week’s episode of Dog Cancer Answers, Dr. Nancy Reese discusses plasmacytoma tumors.

Introducing Dog Edition

Jan. 19, 2021

With interviews from historians, a marketing expert, and dog lovers, this episode will have you taking another loop around the block to hear it all! So, leash up your pup and join the pack at Dog Edition.

How to Find a Great Veterinarian | Dr. Judy Morgan Deep Dive

Jan. 11, 2021

Dr. Judy Morgan discusses how pet parents can build stronger relationships with their dog’s medical care team, how to find a great vet if you need one, how to communicate your needs as a client, and everything else that goes into finding and keeping an exceptional team of medical professionals at e…