March 22, 2021

Dog Euthanasia: What Happens │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

Nessa was surprised by how quickly her dog passed during euthanasia. She felt unprepared and sad that she didn’t get more time to hold her and say goodbye. Nessa is very kind, so she left a message on our listener line. Her q...

March 15, 2021

Signs Your Dog Is in Pain | Dr. Demian Dressler Deep Dive

If your dog is in pain, they yelp. Right? Wrong! Most often they just don’t “talk” about their pain. So how do we know if our best friend is OK? Dr. Demian Dressler joins us to discuss the many signs of pain. Some are subtle,...

March 08, 2021

Apoquel for Dogs and Cancer │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

People giving Apoquel for dog allergies often marvel at how effective it is at stopping the itch. But what about Apoquel side effects – and can Apoquel cause cancer? Dr. Nancy Reese weighs in.

March 01, 2021

Signs a Dog is Dying: A Vet Reveals What Your Dog May Be Experiencing | Dr. Demian Dressler Q&A

If your dog is lethargic, or vomiting, or seems to be visibly sick, you may see those as warning signs your dog is dying. But there are two more subtle signs you might miss. Dr. Dressler reveals the things he watches for.

February 22, 2021

Panacur for Cancer in Dogs │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

It sounds crazy to use Panacur for cancer in dogs. Doesn’t it? It’s a dewormer! It doesn’t cure cancer … does it? Or wait, does it make cancers grow bigger? #dogcancerconfusion! Time to ask Dr. Nancy Reese to do some research.

February 15, 2021

Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine: A Critical Review | Dr. Trina Hazzah Deep Dive

There are thousands of published scientific articles about cannabis and its constituents. There are 50 states with 50 different sets of law about its legality. It’s still banned on the federal level. Yet, dog lovers are using it to help their dogs, and expecting their veterinarians to understand and advise them. Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine a Critical Review, a brand-new publication, helps professionals sort fact from fiction.

February 08, 2021

What Are the Symptoms of Dog Cancer? │ Dr. Demian Dressler Q&A

In a quick but very helpful lesson, Dr. Demian Dressler discusses some of the common signs and symptoms that he sees in dogs that have cancer. Beginning with the tip of your dog's nose to the ends of their toes and every one of your dog’s body organs in-between, Dr. Dressler explains the many signs that you should be on the lookout for if your dog may have cancer.

February 02, 2021

What is FidoCure? | Ben Lewis Deep Dive

Targeted therapy works by directly inhibiting the growth and replication of the cancer cells in certain types of tumors, and because of its targeted action it has shown high rates of tumor responsiveness in people. So, what happens when you take this science and apply it to dogs?

January 25, 2021

Rare Plasmacytomas in Dogs │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

In this week’s episode of Dog Cancer Answers, Dr. Nancy Reese discusses plasmacytoma tumors.

January 19, 2021

Introducing Dog Edition

With interviews from historians, a marketing expert, and dog lovers, this episode will have you taking another loop around the block to hear it all! So, leash up your pup and join the pack at Dog Edition.

January 11, 2021

How to Find a Great Veterinarian | Dr. Judy Morgan Deep Dive

Dr. Judy Morgan discusses how pet parents can build stronger relationships with their dog’s medical care team, how to find a great vet if you need one, how to communicate your needs as a client, and everything else that goes into finding and keeping an exceptional team of medical professionals at every stage of your dog’s life!

January 04, 2021

A Decade of Dog Cancer Answers │ Rewind with Dr. Demian Dressler

This week we are celebrating a decade (10 years) of Dog Cancer Answers. To ring in this milestone, we are revisiting the episode that started it all in 2011.

December 28, 2020

Managing Rectal Tumors in Dogs │ Rewind with Dr. Demian Dressler and Dr. Sue Ettinger

Has your dog been diagnosed with a perianal or an anal sac tumor? Has it left you feeling overwhelmed with unanswered questions? If this sounds like you, you’re in luck because this week’s episode features Dr. Demian Dressler...

December 21, 2020

Is Amputation the Best Option for My Dog? │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

This week’s episode of Dog Cancer Answers features returning guest, Dr. Nancy Reese. Dr. Nancy addresses a listener line question about amputation for a dog with a non-metastatic synovial cell sarcoma. She gives listeners a quick lesson on this type of cancer, talks about the tissue damage and bony destruction it can cause, and covers some of the other types of cancers that are known to develop in the bones and joints of affected dogs.

December 14, 2020

Herbal Treatment for Bleeding Tumors in Dogs │ Dr. Demian Dressler Q&A

Do you have a dog with a bleeding mass, such as a hemangiosarcoma tumor? This week we interviewed world renowned veterinarian and author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, Dr. Demian Dressler. Dr. Dressler shares his expertise and recommendations for the usage of a Chinese herb called Yunnan Baiyao. Yunnan Baiyao has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since the early 1900’s as a hemostatic agent (to slow or stop active bleeding).

December 07, 2020

How to Cope and Prepare for Your Dog’s Death | Wendy Van de Poll Deep Dive

No one wants their dog to lose their cancer battle, but the truth is that cancer can be unpredictable in its response rate to treatment and in survivorship. Which is why we interviewed this week’s special guest, Wendy Van de Poll, a grief loss coach, and expert. Wendy is a best-selling author who has made it her life mission to help other dog lovers like herself, learn how to hope for the best, while also planning for the worst-- in case that dreaded day comes sooner than you or your veterinarian anticipate. According to Wendy, preparing for loss can not only help you cope, but it can also help exchange feelings of guilt with feelings of a peaceful departure. One where both you and your dog can deeply connect and embrace all the feelings of love and shared special moments, even long after they make their journey over the rainbow bridge.

November 30, 2020

Flea and Tick Prevention: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Product │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

I think we can all agree that fleas and ticks are a problem. Especially considering the risk factors of the types of diseases that ticks can carry, as well as the risks of anemia associated with an infestation of fleas. This week we featured one of our returning guests and expert veterinarians, Dr. Nancy Reese. In addition to being a practicing DVM, Dr. Nancy also earned a master’s degree in Preventative Veterinary Medicine, and a PhD in Epidemiology.

November 23, 2020

Foods That Help Fight and Prevent Cancer in Dogs │ Dr. Judy Morgan Deep Dive

Holistic veterinarian, Dr. Judy Morgan, joined us this week to talk about making balanced and nutritious homecooked meals that are easily digestible, taste delicious and are enticing to your dog. Best of all, she explains how anyone can make them with little to no cooking experience. She talks about cancer fighting foods, quality proteins, cooking and preparation methods… And, she even shares a little bit about her own personal journey of having a dog that had cancer, named Myra. Myra taught Dr. Morgan how to enjoy each moment and that she should always take the opportunity to stop and smell the roses every chance she gets.