Jan. 17, 2022

FETCH a Cure: Financial Help for Dog Cancer | Joanne Silverman #150

FETCH a Cure: Financial Help for Dog Cancer | Joanne Silverman #150

FETCH a Cure is a unique organization that provides education and funding for dogs with cancer, and even brought veterinary radiation to Richmond, VA.

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FETCH a Cure was founded by Mike Holland, Tonie Stevens, and Ryan Traylor after Mike’s dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma back in 2006. At that time there were few resources for dog cancer in the Richmond, VA area.

Since its humble beginnings as a back-room operation in a catering business, FETCH a Cure now provides continuing education opportunities for veterinarians, funding for dog cancer treatment within the Virginia-Maryland-DC area, and has even bought a building that now hosts both a veterinary oncology practice complete with a radiation room and a separate holistic veterinary practice.

One of the things that makes FETCH unique is that the organization asks that owners who benefit from their cancer treatment funding volunteer their time to help other dogs and owners get the assistance they need. Volunteering could consist of helping out at an event, hosting a fundraiser, or even delivering pamphlets to veterinary practices to spread the word.

FETCH a Cure currently only serves the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area of the US, but they are looking to expand. They also have support groups that are open to dog lovers anywhere.

Links & Resources Mentioned in Today’s Show: 

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About Today’s Guest, Joanne Silverman:

Joanne Silverman is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization FETCH a Cure. She began her tenure in 2008 during the early stages of FETCH's development. Since then, she has proudly grown FETCH a Cure into a regional organization while adding much needed programs to further aid the community. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her daughter Emma, her dog Jack, and her cat Molly.

Other Links:

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