Jan. 23, 2023

How to Think About Dog Cancer Expenses | Dr. Lauren Barrow #200

How to Think About Dog Cancer Expenses | Dr. Lauren Barrow #200

Give yourself grace. That is Dr. Barrow’s top advice if you can’t afford expensive treatments for your dog’s cancer.

Dr. Lauren Barrow is a veterinarian, dog lover, and mom to a child who had cancer. This gives her a unique perspective on the challenges of giving and receiving a cancer diagnosis, as well as the stress of making treatment decisions. Dog cancer has the extra challenge that most veterinary care has to be paid for up front, as even the few dogs that have pet health insurance are likely covered by plans that reimburse later.

Even if you are strapped for cash, you have options. Take some time to process your dog’s diagnosis before making any decisions, and work with your veterinarian to figure out the option that best meets your dog’s needs while also fitting your budget.

Remember: you can’t control or fix everything, and this isn’t your fault. No one is perfect and we live in an imperfect world. Do what you can, and give yourself permission to forgive what you can’t do.

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0:00 Start

4:13 Give Yourself Grace

10:04 Vets and Money

13:27 Giving a Cancer Diagnosis

15:12 Discussing Finances

20:05 Actually I Do Have Questions!

22:59 Specialists and General Practitioners

About Today’s Guest, Dr. Lauren Barrow:

Dr. Lauren Barrow is a small animal general practice veterinarian with a special interest in comparative oncology - the study of cancer in animals and people and how the advancement of cancer treatments can benefit both. She earned her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) in 2012 from Colorado State University, home of the Flint Animal Cancer Center, a leader in comparative oncology research. As a general practitioner, Dr. Barrow is on the front lines, helping families navigate cancer diagnosis and management, coordinating with oncologists when needed, assisting in making end of life decisions, and is often the first to diagnose cancer in the family dog. As the mother of a cancer survivor, Dr. Barrow has a unique perspective on the relationship between human and animal cancer and its effect on the entire family.

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