Aug. 8, 2022

Providing the Best Care for Senior Dogs | Dr. Mary Gardner #179

Providing the Best Care for Senior Dogs | Dr. Mary Gardner #179

Are the changes in your older dog part of aging, or are they signs of cancer? Dr. Mary Gardner weighs in on how to support senior and geriatric dogs.

Whether your dog is a super senior or a gentle geriatric, she is probably going to experience some issues with cognitive decline, mobility limitations, and chronic pain. These aging challenges are compounded if your older dog also has cancer.

Dr. Mary Gardner has tips on how to tell if your dog is a senior vs. geriatric, the vital importance of regular vet care for mature pups, and evaluating your dog’s quality of life. She also goes into signs of chronic pain and how to assist your dog with getting up and moving around more easily.

Our senior dogs are our best buddies, and there are lots of resources that can help us keep them comfortable and happy.

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It’s Never Long Enough: A practical guide to caring for your geriatric dog book - We may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through this link.

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Pet Hospice Journal

Grey Muzzle App

Lap of Love

Lap of Love Support Groups

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About Today’s Guest, Dr. Mary Gardner:

There is nothing better to Dr. Gardner than a dog with a grey muzzle or skinny old cat! Her professional goal is to increase awareness and medical care for the geriatric veterinary patient and to help make the final life stage to be as peaceful as possible, surrounded with dignity and support for all involved.

A University of Florida graduate, she discovered her niche in end of life care and is the co-founder and CIO of Lap of Love which has over 300 veterinarians around the country dedicated to veterinary hospice and euthanasia in the home.

Dr. Gardner and Lap of Love have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, the Associated Press, The Doctors, and numerous professional veterinary publications. She is co-author of the textbook “The Treatment and Care of the Veterinary Patient”, co-author of a children’s activity book focused on saying goodbye to a dog called “Forever Friend”, and the author of a book dedicated to pet owners “It’s Never Long Enough: A practical guide to caring for your geriatric dog”. Dr. Gardner also won VMX Small Animal Speaker of the year in 2020!


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