Artemisinin for Dogs with Cancer | on DOG CANCER ANSWERS

Artemisinin started out as an anti-malarial drug, but it has some anti-cancer effects as well, especially for the vicious osteosarcoma.

In this week’s episode of DOG CANCER ANSWERS, Dr. Nancy discusses the herb artemisinin: what it is, what it has been able to do in the lab, and how to discuss adding it to your dog’s treatment plan with your vet. Artemisinin has shown promise in studies as an adjunctive treatment for a variety of cancers, including bone cancer. It targets several of the hallmarks of cancer, has potential to help destroy cancer cells, and may also make cells more sensitive to chemotherapy. There is still work to be done on dosing, as artemisinin has a short half-life which can make it challenging to deliver the compound to the actual cancer cells, but we are learning more about how to give it to get the best results while minimizing side effects.