I’m Flat Broke … And I Want to Save My Dog! │ Molly Jacobson Deep Dive

How do we cope when we can’t afford to treat our dog’s cancer? Molly Jacobson joins us to discuss financial help for dog cancer, as well as how to handle the guilt that comes with feeling so helpless.

When you can’t afford surgery for your dog, have to pay vet bills with money you don’t have, or can’t afford to go to the vet at all, it feels awful. And others can judge you, making everything worse.

So what do you do if you can’t afford – or don’t want to spend your money on – dog cancer treatments?

Molly Jacobson joins us to discuss outside-the-box financial help … and also how to handle the difficult conversations around paying for dog cancer.

Molly Jacobson is the editor of the book, The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity.


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