Memorial Day Special: Sgt. Stubby, American War Hero | JT Doyle & Ann Bausum

Every dog is a hero, but some are War Heroes. Sgt. Stubby detected gas attacks and warn his buddies about incoming missiles during WWI. It’s a special Memorial Day episode, and a must-listen.

It’s Memorial Day, the day when Americans honor servicemembers who never made it out of their uniforms. So we’re taking a break from our regular schedule to bring you the astonishing story of a true War Hero, Sgt. Stubby.

JT Doyle crafted this story while an intern here at Dog Podcast Network. He tells Sgt. Stubby’s story with the help of author Ann Bausum.

Sgt. Stubby is a perfect example of why we all love dogs so much. He was a true American Hero, and we honor his service.
Read his obituary printed by the New York Times on April 4, 1926.

For more “True Tails” (maybe!) of Sgt. Stubby, you can read Bausum’s books and the following articles:

You can also visit Sgt. Stubby at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.


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