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Patch Baker

Entrepreneur & CEO

A lifetime spent in the military gives a person a lot of skills. What it doesn't give them, is the ability to be a good civilian.

Patch Baker figured this out the hard way. Thrown into "The Real World" completely unprepared, he was fired from his first two jobs. Unwilling to give less than 100%, Patch decided he needed to take what he learned from the military and apply it to a business. His own business.

Now a successful entrepreneur, Patch focuses on companies that can change the world by impacting others; products and services that truly serve a greater good. Patch has a particular set of skills, and he accepts his duty, doing whatever it takes to be his best.

Patch Baker: With a PTSD service dog by his side, this former Marine builds multi-million-dollar companies | The Long Leash #29

Sept. 3, 2021

He’s been fired at… and fired, more than once. And returning to the ‘real world’ for US marine Patch Baker was – in his own words – a ‘complete disaster.’ But his determination and his service dog Reacher helped set him on a…

Guest: Patch Baker