February 28, 2023
Dog Vaccination Facts | Dog Edition #85

There’s a scientific test that can a confirm the vaccines you gave your pet are working and helps reduce the number of vaccinations your pets receive.

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Titer testing has been around for a couple of decades, but it is now growing in popularity. The test indicates whether a dog has enough anti-bodies to be protected against certain diseases. But the test results can be used for seemingly contradictory purposes. Today on the show, we explore the ins and outs of titer tests, to give you a nuanced perspective on the benefits and risks that come with the current vaccine recommendations.

About Dr. Enid Stiles

Dr. Stiles is World Vet Association North American counselor and the chair of its Animal Welfare Working Group. She runs the Sherwook Park Animal Hospital in Beaconsfield, Quebec. She is a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College, and a founding member of Veterinarians without Border Canada. She is passionate about helping animals and their families.


About Dr. Laurie Larson

Dr. Larson is the director of the Companion Animal Vaccines and Immuno Diagnostic Service Laboratory (CAVIDS) at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Veterinary Medicine. She directs the CAVIDS titer testing service which provides vaccinal antibody testing for dogs and cats across the U-S and Canada. Dr. Larson also teaches Veterinary Immunology to second year veterinary students and co-coordinates the Public Health course for third year veterinary students.


About Dr. Jacqueline Ruskin

Dr. Ruskin is the medical director of the VCA Animal Healing Center in Yardley, Pennsylvania. She fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian in 1998, when she graduated from Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine. In addition to practicing exceptional conventional medicine, Dr. Ruskin also practices several holistic healing modalities. She learned much of her holistic medicine skills from the famous Dr. Marty Goldstein during a 13-year associateship in his practice. In 2019 Dr. Ruskin was featured in the documentary film “The Dog Doc” and was a contributing author to Dr. Marty Goldstein’s latest book, "The Spirit of Animal Healing".


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DPN is the first of its kind. A podcasting network as devoted to dogs, as they are to us. Our mission is simple: entertain, inspire and inform. We will improve the quality of life for dogs and the people who love them.

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