Sept. 17, 2021

Ciaran Walsh: One-Eyed Leo, A Love Story Told By A Special Needs Dog About Dog Ownership | The Long Leash #30

Ciaran Walsh: One-Eyed Leo, A Love Story Told By A Special Needs Dog About Dog Ownership | The Long Leash #30

Ciaran Walsh is fighting to reduce the number of dogs going to shelters and break down the puppy mill trade. But he’s going about it in a most creative and untraditional way, via a children’s book called One-Eyed Leo.

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One-Eyed Leo is not the usual children’s book. It takes children and their parents on a journey of discovery, love, life, play, learning, joy and heartbreak when it comes to dog ownership. But it is a story like no other, where, as Ciaran Walsh explains ‘the magic of everyday tasks appears in the detail and vanishes into the cold reality of responsibility’.

Within the 38 pages of this powerful book, the idea of owning a dog is explored in an educational and realistic way. In fact, Ciaran is possibly the only author in the world who is happy that people don’t like his book, because there is a much bigger play at stake.

Ciaran Walsh is a humble Irishman, who makes clear that One Eyed Leo is definitely a team effort, with 50 experts contributing to the book and it is one he hopes will open eyes, change minds and give children and parents alike, a renewed appreciation about pet ownership.

About Ciaran Walsh 

Ciaran Walsh is the Founder at Dog Internet of Things, an internet platform that assists would be dog owners to consider all the responsibilities and all aspects of canine ownership. Ciaran is behind 'One-Eyed Leo', a book for children and parents and the latest innovation in pre-adoption welfare. Seeking partners to bring it global. Dog Internet of Things is an on-line business dedicated to changing dog welfare from pre-adoption to the end of the journey. It provides an on-line basic education in dog ownership. Ideal for anyone considering the idea of getting a dog, or for anyone seeking to improve their relationship with their pet.This venture has been supported by the Local Enterprise Board, Enterprise Ireland and won the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Academy Award 2019.

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Ciaran WalshProfile Photo

Ciaran Walsh

One-Eyed Leo

Ciaran Walsh from Ireland, is a Dog Trainer and Financial Advisor. With guidance from over 50 canine experts, he compiled a child’s love story called 'One-Eyed Leo'. For the first time ever, the true resolve of children to demand a dog in the family home, is tested. Parents are removed from an emotionally charged flash point, a new breed of responsible owners are created, dog abandonment reduced, and the mafia gangs running puppy-mills will see their market disappear. ‘One-Eyed Leo’ questions everything we think we know about dog ownership.