Oct. 8, 2021

Jane Cowan: Award-winning Journalist’s Biggest Investigative Story, Healing Her Boxer Dog in Supercanine | The Long Leash #33

Jane Cowan: Award-winning Journalist’s Biggest Investigative Story, Healing Her Boxer Dog in Supercanine | The Long Leash #33

When award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent Jane Cowan’s Boxer dog Shiva fell ill, it set in motion what would become this reporter’s biggest investigative story yet – how to heal her dog.

Jane Cowan is an Australian journalist who has reported from around the world including as a foreign correspondent in the United States. But as life would have it, her biggest assignment as an investigative journalist would be the one that set her on the path to save her dog’s life.

Jane spent 20 years at Australia’s national broadcaster the ABC, reporting on some of the biggest stories. When she returned home to Australia to work as a photojournalist, it was finally time to get a dog.

But in 2018 everything changed when her Boxer dog Shiva got very sick and almost died. He went from a happy, healthy 18-month-old puppy to being unable to bend down or move his neck. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and prescribed steroids as treatment.

But the drug damage that came from that decision, set Jane on an investigative journey that would see her dive head-first into the world of canine health and wellbeing, swapping her decades in news reporting to become a dog blogger and author of a book on how to raise a healthier dog.

About Jane Cowan 

Jane Cowan is the author of Supercanine: How to Raise a Healthier Dog or Revitalize a Sick One. The book is drawn from her experiences restoring her own dog’s health after drug damage caused by steroids prescribed for an autoimmune condition. Jane spent two decades as an award-winning journalist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, including six years as a foreign correspondent based in the United States, before walking away from it all to apply her investigative training to canine health and wellbeing. She writes the Boxer Dog Diaries, a comprehensive resource for Boxer owners and the blog Shiny Happy Doggy. 

The Boxer Dog Diaries: https://boxerdogdiaries.com/

Shiny Happy Doggy: https://shinyhappydoggy.com/home/

Supercanine: https://www.amazon.com/Supercanine-Raise-Healthier-Revitalize-Sick-ebook/dp/B08W9Z2HPF

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Supercanine-103004585163202

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boxerdoglife/

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