Dec. 17, 2021

Jenna Mahan: Weird Things Dogs Get Into At The Holidays | The Long Leash #40

Jenna Mahan: Weird Things Dogs Get Into At The Holidays | The Long Leash #40

Jenna Mahan of Embrace Pet Insurance has tons of tips for you – and the weirdest Christmas story you’ll ever, ever hear.

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Jenna Mahan has seen a few things in her fifteen years as a registered veterinary technician and her ten years in Claims at Embrace Pet Insurance.

She joins us today for a sometimes hilarious, uncensored, no BS story session. She’s been in on some of the weirdest dog-related stories we’ve ever heard, from a bulldog whose vomit smelled like wine (but wasn’t) to finding a cat in the most unexpected place you can imagine.

Along the way she has tons of advice about hazards our pets face during the holiday season and how to avoid them … from strangling Christmas lights to tinsel to pancreatitis problems.

She also offers advice about how to evaluate your own pet insurance needs and touches on the business of pet insurance itself, and how the “wide open market” in the U.S., where only 2% of pet owners have it, is attracting opportunists.

An enlightening and entertaining conversation with a woman who has dedicated her career to helping people in crisis help their pets.

About Jenna Mahan

After 15 years working as a registered veterinary technician, Jenna joined Embrace as a claims adjuster in 2011. Jenna was promoted to lead, then manager, and was made Director of Claims and Chief Underwriter in 2017, leading a team of nearly 50 Embracers. Jenna is responsible for implementing time-saving system changes and advancements that get Embrace policyholders’ claims processed quickly and efficiently. Jenna began her career with an associate degree in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology and went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Theater from Bowling Green State University. She has five Embraced fur-kids — dogs Hazel, Lou, and Charlie; and cats Quinn and Harry. 

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