June 3, 2021

Pet Business Success And How To Recover From Burnout with Kristin Morrison | The Long Leash #18

Pet Business Success And How To Recover From Burnout with Kristin Morrison | The Long Leash #18

Kristin Morrison turned her pet sitting business into a million-dollar success and what followed was more than she could have imagined. Getting there wasn’t a walk in the ‘dog’ park, but the lessons learned along the way should be in every pet businessperson’s ‘how to’ book.

Kristin Morrison is not only a seasoned veteran when it comes to the pet business world, but an inspiration on how to be successful.

Kristin has written numerous books on how to do that, including 30 Days to Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business, and How to Recover From Pet Business Burnout. She also coaches others on how to build a successful pet business through her ‘Six-Figure Pet Business Academy’.

But it’s not been a walk in the ‘dog’ park. When Kristin started her pet sitting business in the 1990’s she was working up to 100 hours a week. She realized there had to be a better way to do the thing she loved, while making money and with a better work-life balance.

That light bulb moment was the catalyst for the incredible success she has had since. There have of course been ups and downs, lots of learning and relearning and a soul-searching recovery from burnout. But as Kristin is about sharing her experiences to help others and she has been generous in sharing her journey with The Long Leash. 

About Kristin Morrison 

Kristin Morrison has been featured on Yahoo Finance, ABC, NBC, CBS, Good Morning Arizona, and in Marketwatch, New York Post, Yahoo, Dogster Magazine, etc. 

Kristin is the founder of Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™ where she offers business coaching, online courses and webinars. 

She is the host of the "Prosperous Pet Business" podcast and the author of six books. 


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