Aug. 19, 2022

Presidential Pooches with Andrew Hager | The Long Leash #56

Presidential Pooches with Andrew Hager | The Long Leash #56

Richard Nixon knew the way to the people's hearts and votes was through a dog. And he wasn’t the only one.

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Many dogs have helped men with presidential ambitions get elected, and one even helped a President prevent nuclear catastrophe.

Andrew Hager, Historian-in-Residence at the Presidential Pet Museum, joins host James Jacobson to discuss the presidential pooches who have pooped on the White House lawn. Ronald Reagan had Lucky. JFK was gifted Pushinka. Richard Nixon defended Checkers. Most American Presidents have been dog lovers, too … even dogs so naughty one was named Satan.

Andrew tells tall tales about the dogs we’ve loved, including our current #DOTUS (Dog of the United States), and the first shelter dog, Major. 

About Andrew Hager

Andrew Hager has been historian-in-residence at the Presidential Pet Museum since 2017. Prior to that, he spent a decade teaching middle school social studies for Baltimore County Public Schools. He graduated from Towson University with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Master’s in the Art of Teaching. Andrew understands firsthand the power of a canine companion. He is legally blind and travels with a black Labrador Retriever guide dog named Sammy. Andrew also has two cats, a fish, and a fluffy mixed-breed rescue dog named Emmy.

About ALL-AMERICAN DOGS: A History of Presidential Pets from Every Era by Andrew Hager

Not only is the book filled with incredible facts about presidential pets, but Hager includes his original research and some rare photographs from the National Archives to trace the history of America’s first dogs as well. Readers will learn not only past presidents’ dogs in each historical era, but also the cultural history of dogs as pets too. This book is perfect for pet-lovers and history-buffs alike!

About the Presidential Pet Museum

Founded by Claire McClean in 1999, the Presidential Pet Museum was established as a means of preserving information, artifacts, and items related to the presidential pets in an educational and fun way.

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