Oct. 1, 2021

Rick Bassman: From Pro Wrestling to Pit Bull Rescuing | The Long Leash #32

Rick Bassman: From Pro Wrestling to Pit Bull Rescuing | The Long Leash #32

His two biggest passions are Pit bull rescue and providing hope to people battling cancer. They are mantras that have been shaped by his life, one full of twists and turns and difficult and defining moments.

At the top of his game, Rich Bassman was a high-ranking Disney executive, big-time concert promoter, TV and Movie producer and owned Professional Wrestling and Mixed martial Arts brands & fighting gyms.

But at the bottom he battled Stage 4 testicular and lung cancer, homelessness, poverty, addiction and was shot, stabbed and bitten. So, who and where is he now?

Rick Bassman is an American entrepreneur, talent agent, author and podcaster among other things. He is unlike anyone you’ve probably ever met – in his words, he is a contradiction in terms. Someone who is just as apt at digging a bullet out of his belly as he is to cry at a love story. 

He counts, among his best friends, career criminals, environmentalists, hard-drinking street brawlers and business leaders. But as he says, they all have one thing in common, they are good people.

In this Long Leash, Rick talks candidly about his near-death in his teens, the day his mother left and never came home, his love of dogs, love for life and his mission to change perceptions about Pit Bulls.

About Rick Bassman 

Like his guests on his podcast Talking Tough, Rick Bassman was also at the top of his world. Also like his guests, he crashed to the bottom in spectacular fashion. From being the highest-ranking executive ever hired by The Walt Disney Company without a college degree and winning an Emmy Award, to travelling the world with artists like Guns N Roses, to owning his own successful Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts brands. And his “highs” were always interspersed with “lows…” including Stage 4 cancer, the loss of many close to him, countless street fights, a wrecked spine, life-threatening infections which led him to choose three decades-long depression, homelessness and addiction. And also like his Guests, Rick is rising again, taking responsibility for his life, consciously finding an ever-widening path to peace and spirituality, and giving his all to be of service.

Talking Tough podcast: https://www.talking-tough.com/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wewin2177/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickbassman/

Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation: http://www.lindablairworldheart.org/

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