Jan. 14, 2022

Saving The Planet One Poop At A Time With Tracy Rosensteel | The Long Leash #42

Saving The Planet One Poop At A Time With Tracy Rosensteel | The Long Leash #42

Meet Tracy Rosensteel, the entrepreneur who says the secret to helping to control global warming and increase human health is picking up dog poop with the proper tool.

Tracy Rosensteel, the entrepreneur behind Pooch Papers, got the idea for her product while walking her Frenchie, Indiana Jones, in New York City.

There they were, on every corner – garbage cans stuffed with single-use plastic bags filled with methane-emitting dog poop.

Not only was it stinky, it was very bad for the environment – and soon would be illegal, as single-use plastics are starting to banned in the U.S. Rosensteel, a super-savvy business woman, knew there was a better way to pick up poop.

And she was right. Her Pooch Papers are made from recycled paper, are completely biodegradable, and cut back on both methane and PFAS – those terrible micro-plastics that are polluting our soil and water.

In this wide-ranging and delightful conversation, Tracy talks about her work in the financial industry, her love for her dogs, and what it was really like to appear on Shark Tank and make her pitch.

About Tracy Rosensteel

A passionate entrepreneur, Tracy has spent the last twenty-five years launching businesses spanning industries from Wall Street to travel television shows, authoring children's books and her most recent endeavor, Pooch Paper. Made in the USA, Pooch Paper seeks to replace plastic doggie waste bags by offering a PFAS-free paper alternative to plastic, reducing microplastic, methane and plastic waste in landfills each year. 

An avid adventurer, Tracy has participated in such hobbies as piloting single-engine airplanes, fly-fishing, competing in single, four and eight-man rowing sculls and playing on an all-men's ice hockey team. Passionate about life, Tracy is very excited about giving back to our beautiful planet with Pooch Paper, paving a cleaner way one pup at a time!






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