April 19, 2022
Back To Nature With Our Dogs | Dog Edition #52

It’s only April, but we’re already dreaming of summer camping, dock diving, and other epic adventures with our easiest outdoor companions … our dogs.

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Loki the Wolf Dog has over 1.9 million social media followers, and after you "listen" to our audio postcard of his Instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/loki/ you will understand why.

Escape with Loki and his dad, Kelly Lund, as they canoe across an alpine lake, set their dreams alight in a campfire, and chase jackrabbits.

We also welcome our new Dog Edition co-host Clare Mansell, located in Ottawa, Canada, and soon to return home to London, England … but not until her retriever Maple gets to experience the pure joy that is Dock Diving.

Play along as Clare challenges James to a celebrity guessing game called “Who has More Followers?” [Hint: Loki has a LOT of followers!]

Other Links:

Great muscles and cute dogs: https://www.instagram.com/hotdudeswithdogs/

About Loki the Wolf Dog

Loki the Wolf Dog is one of the most famous dogs on Instagram. His feed is chock-a-block with outdoor adventures with Kelly Lund, and his girlfriend Ally. The photos and videos they create are journal entries in a life well lived. Whether running through meadows or across beaches, snowboarding or driving 10,000 miles to Alaska, Loki and Kelly inspire us to get out, explore the world, and make memories with our own dogs. Must-follow for gorgeous images.

Loki the Wolf Dog: https://www.lokithewolfdog.com/


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