October 04, 2022
Being Homeless with a Dog | Dog Edition #66

We often instinctively feel pity for dogs living on the streets with their unhoused humans … but are they in trouble? Today we talk to experts about the homeless and their beloved dogs.

In every city around the globe, people are affected by homelessness. But what happens when the homeless have a dog? This episode takes a deep dive into the lives of street dogs and the challenges their loved humans face.

Even people with stable living situations can struggle with veterinary costs. For those experiencing homelessness, do their pets get adequate care? Could a dog be happier living on the streets than in a house? Are pets sometimes the real obstacle to finding housing?

It’s a complex and difficult situation, and there are lots of factors at play. Today we speak to experts working with this population who understand the intense bond shared between human and dog … and know what steps we all can take to help both species. After all, they are family.

We also hear from David, who lives with his deaf pit bulls on the streets of New York. He makes it clear: his dogs come first.

About Genevieve Fredrick

Genevieve Fredrick is the founder of Feeding Pets of the Homeless in Nevada, an organization that has started thousands of volunteer pet food donation sites across America, as well as emergency veterinary care for homeless pets. https://www.petsofthehomeless.org/

About Chritine Kim

Christine Kim started a national non-profit dedicated to expanding access to shelters for individuals experiencing homelessness and their companion animals. They work with service providers to expand their programs to help keep the homeless with their furry families. https://www.mydogismyhome.org/

About Leslie Irvine

Leslie Irvine is an American sociologist specializing in conceptions of the self and human-animal relationships. She tells us stories from her new book My Dog Always Eats First: Homeless People and Their Animals, which includes first-hand accounts of homeless and their dogs on the streets. You can find her book here.

About Jenny Stavsky

Jenny Stavsky is a clinical research manager based in Nottingham, England. Back in 2020 she worked with Louise Scanlon on a paper interviewing the homeless who have pets, learning that the bond between them is far deeper than we can ever imagine. You can find their research paper here.

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