August 10, 2021
Can Pooches Get Politicians Elected? | Sniffing Out A Delicacy | Dog Edition #30

The power of the politician’s pooch. How much influence do dogs have in tipping the favor of voters at the ballot box?

The growing band of politicians posing with their pups on social media has sparked a study into just how important dogs are in getting elected. And noses to the ground, going underground with some truffle hunting dogs for that elusive delicacy.

Can dogs help politicians get elected?

If a politician poses with their pooch or they post about their pup on social media, what influence might it have on you and your perception of them? Might it affect how you vote? Could political dogo’s be the pawfect branding tool in a bid to win an election? Researchers in Indiana and Ohio are on the hunt to find out and they are recruiting social media users to help in their quest.

How much influence do dogs have at the ballot box?

The Personalization of Politics: Dogs in Politicians’ Social Media research study

Truffle dogs are on the hunt

Truffles are a delicacy prized by chefs and foodies around the world. These finicky fungi are hard to find. It helps to have a family of Lagotto Romagnolo, or truffle hunting dogs to do the dirty work. Join the Angerer Family at their truffle orchard as they take us on a hunt for these elusive and valuable fairy apples.

Dog Lovers Live – Krista Karpowich 

Dog Lovers Live, a discovery of dog loving podcasters and YouTubers. Krista Karpowich hosts the podcast Wag Out Loud, which she describes as the ultimate resource for dog lovers on a quest to provide the best care for their dogs. She is obsessed with bringing her listeners all kinds of tips on canine health care, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. 

Wag out loud


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About The Alexander Valley Truffle Company

Angerer Family Farms is a family run operation specializing in cultivating truffles in Sonoma County California. For several years, as the family waited for their hazelnut trees, inoculated with the coveted French winter black truffle spores known as Tuber Melanosporum, to grow, they grew a variety of tomatoes and fruits which they sold to local markets. They also have a healthy flock of chickens who provide eggs to local restaurants. Now the first truffle hunt is on.

About Krista Karpowich 

Krista Karpowich has studied Canine Nutrition with the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. She hosts the podcast Wag Out Loud and her goal is to share valuable information with other dog lovers about how owners can be the best advocate for their dog’s health and wellness.