September 14, 2021
Can Your Dog Tell If You Lie To Them? | A Dog Movie That Digs Deep | Dog Edition #35

Did you lie to me? We know pooches are smarter than the average bear, but beware, because you’re being watched, and it seems dogs do know if you’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

How do dogs know if a human is trying to deceive them and how do they react? Also, behind the scenes of a tearjerker of a dog movie, The Art of Racing in the Rain.

Can your dog tell if you lie to them?

Dogs as lie detectors – who’d have thought it? Humans and dogs may have different genetics, but they may be more similar than we think in how they perceive deception. A recent study shows dogs, unlike children, will literally ignore people who are lying. And that means there is no fooling our four-legged friends.

Dogs will ignore you if they think you’re lying

Mark Bomback, Screenwriter, The Art of Racing in the Rain

Screenwriter Mark Bomback translated the book The Art of Racing in the Rain to the big screen. How'd he take Garth Stein's bestselling novel and make our eyes all red and puffy? He explains his methods ... and also introduces us to the exceptional Mongolian dog breed called Bankhar.

Dog Lovers Live – Lisa Spector, My Zen Pet

Dog Lovers Live, a discovery of dog loving podcasters and YouTubers. Lisa Spector’s podcast My Zen Pet is the first podcast with music for pets (and working dogs) and their people, one where she encourages pets and owners to cuddle up on the sofa where you can listen together.

My Zen Pet


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1:28 Do dogs know if you like to them?

7:47 Mark Bomback: The art of racing in the rain

17:05 Dog Lovers Live – Lisa Spector, The Zen Pet

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About Mark Bomback

In 1994 Mark Bomback got his first job: as an assistant for Eagles' guitarist Glenn Frey. He held that job for a year before going on to become a screenwriter. His first credited screenplay was The Night Caller (1998). He has since gone on to co-write the scripts for numerous blockbuster films, including Live Free or Die Hard (2007), The Wolverine (2013) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014). He's also done uncredited rewrites on several other high-profile films, such as Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), Logan (2017) and The Mummy (2017.) His most recent project is the crime drama miniseries Defending Jacob produced by Apple TV+

The Art of Racing in the Rain on IMDB:

About Lisa Spector 

In 2017, after 10 years of creating music to relieve pet anxiety, NPR called Lisa Spector The Pet Calming Maestro. While she says she didn’t graduate from Juilliard to perform for dogs and cats, it warms her heart and feeds her soul to use her music talents to help improve the lives of our beloved pets. As co-founder of Through a Dog’s Ear (now iCalmPet) and the pianist on the music series, Lisa has appeared on the CBS Early ShowNPR, and CBS Australia. She’s the only classical pianist to reach Billboard’s Classical Top 20 Chart with pet music. Her piano playing is currently soothing anxiety in dogs in over 1,500 shelters and rescue organizations worldwide. The “Music in Shelters” program was inspired by her volunteer work with Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in The San Francisco Bay Area. 

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