May 17, 2022
Crossing International Borders with Your Dog | Dog Edition #54

Adventures are always better when you bring your dog. Just make sure you have the right paperwork!

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On today’s show, we travel through the heart of Europe, crossing borders and winning hearts. This extraordinary narrative podcast segment is the first winner of our 101 Dog Stories Contest.

Crossing international borders with your dog has always been complicated. But after Brexit, travel between the United Kingdom and the European Union became much more difficult. We explore some of those changes, including the difference between pet passports and animal health certificates.

Our hosts also share their experiences crossing borders with dogs. James Jacobson tells how he helped changed rabies quarantine laws in Hawaii for his dog Maui, and Clare Mansel shares her dream of taking the Queen Mary 2 to London with her dog Maple on board.

European Union pet travel requirements:

United Kingdom pet travel requirements:

101 Dog Stories Contest

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