August 23, 2022
Dog Myths Debunked | Dog Edition #61

Jim and Clare dig into dog myths and fetch the truth about common canine misconceptions.

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We’ve all heard that dogs are colorblind, and that they wag their tails because they are happy. Those are facts!

Aren’t they?

On today’s show, Jim and Clare turn to some special veterinarians to find out if the “facts” we think we know are actually true.

Spoiler: they’re not!

Dr. Ernie Ward and Dr. Brittany Genus bust these two common myths wide open. They explain how they came to be, what the research has proven, and how common misinformation like this can impact your dog’s life.

About Dr. Ernie Ward

Dr. Ernie Ward is a small animal veterinarian of 31 years from coastal North Carolina. He specializes in dogs and cats with a subspecialty in obesity and nutrition and also co-hosts the Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast, where he tackles “the toughest topics in veterinary medicine”. To see more of his work, visit his Instagram @drernieward.

To read his article “Are Dogs Really Colorblind?”, visit

About Dr. Brittany Grenus

Dr. Brittany Grenus is a licensed veterinarian from Southern California. Currently she is working as a relief veterinarian in Los Angeles, California, where she provides support to animal hospitals that are in need of extra help as a result of the pandemic. To see more of her work, visit her Instagram @vettingthefacts.

To read her article “Why do dogs wag their tails?”, visit

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