August 09, 2022
Dogs Helping Dementia Patients | Dog Edition #60

Dementia is incurable, but one Jack Russel is doing her best to bring light and love to those afflicted.

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Dementia is a terrible disease. The mental decline of our loved ones is heartbreaking, and the effects are profound. This condition can’t be cured, but medication and therapy can help. And what better therapy is there than the unconditional love of a dog?

In today’s episode, we join Layla, a Jack Russell who visits dementia patients in a Canadian senior center. She helps those afflicted by spreading love and joy in a way only dogs can. We also get into the science and research behind why dogs are so beneficial for those with dementia.

Episode links

Swedish Study: A Therapy Dog’s Impact on Daytime Activity and Night-time Sleep for Older Persons with Alzheimer's Disease-A Case Study:'s_impact_on_daytime_activity_and_night-time_sleep_for_older_persons_with_Alzheimer's_disease_-_A_case_study

University of Nebraska study showing relief from Sundowner Syndrome:

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