September 28, 2021
Finding Lost Dogs With A Drone | The Blind Deaf Pink Puppy | Dog Edition #37

Could this be the pet detective of the future? The former police officer turned drone pilot using a high-tech solution to track and find lost dogs.

The GREEN screen in TV land that has helped make one pooch a global sensation and the blind deaf PINK puppy inspiring children and adults to have a positive mindset.

Pet detective pilot, finding pets from above

It is the high-tech solution to tracking lost dogs. One former police officer and licensed pilot in central England is using his drone to find pooches that go missing, and so far, he has had quite the success in reuniting dogs with their owners. Could this be the pet detective of the future?

English drone pilot finds missing dogs

Storm the weather dog steals the show

Pets popping up during Zoom meetings, have almost become the norm as the world moved to working from home due to the pandemic, while bringing dogs to work has also been embraced more widely. That is certainly the case for Global Toronto weatherman Anthony Farnell’s miniature Goldendoodle Storm. He made his first appearance on TV in 2012 during a national news bulletin and he has done it again, searching for treats during a recent weather report.

Storm the weather dog searches for treats on LIVE TV

Storm the weather dog steals spotlight

A Piglet Mindset

Piglet is a blind, deaf, and very tiny, pink puppy who keeps up with the six other dogs in his family, despite his challenges. In this episode, discover what a positive Piglet Mindset is and how it's helping children and adults all over learn core values like acceptance, inclusion, empathy, and kindness regardless of looks, abilities, and disabilities. Dr. Melissa Shapiro shares Piglet's amazing adoption story and teaches us what's behind Piglet's positive attitude.

Piglet, the deaf, blind, pink puppy

Dog Cancer Answers – Personality Types and Cancer

What is your priority when choosing treatment options for your dog with cancer? Whether you are an Action-oriented go-getter, Comfort-first caretaker, or someone who likes to Balance all your options, your personality type impacts how you approach these important decisions. We take a sneak-peak at a four-part series on Dog Cancer Answers to understand human personality types and how that translates to how you approach cancer in your dog.

About Dr Melissa Shapiro

Dr Melissa Shapiro is a veterinarian and a lifelong animal welfare advocate. She and her husband Warren agreed to foster a tiny 1-pound deaf blind Dachshund Chihuahua mix in March of 2017 from a hoarding situation. They had no idea that their decision would be life-changing. Now Piglet lives with them and another six rescue dogs and across the globe, teaches people how to have a Piglet Mindset.