June 28, 2022
Gobi the Desert Dog: From China to Scotland | Dog Edition #57

When Dion Leonard set out to run 155 miles in the Gobi Desert, he never expected to find a running companion.

The story on today’s show was brought to you by one a winner of our 101 Dog Stories Contest. In “Gobi the Desert Dog: From China to Scotland,” Saskia Edward takes us to the Gobi Desert and introduces us to a superhuman athlete and his surprising running companion.

Dion Leonard, ultra-marathoner, thought he was running a race … but then a stray dog joined him. Dion couldn’t shake his new companion, so he named her Gobi. By the finish line, they had fallen firmly in love … and then tragedy struck. Before Gobi could follow Dion home in Scotland, she had to stay behind, waiting for her travel documents. Tragedy struck when Gobi ran away from her caretakers in China and got lost in a huge city. What ensues is an international dog-hunt was launched to bring the duo back together again.

More About Dion Leonard

From 100 miles to 240+ miles nonstop, Dion has numerous top 10 finishes whilst competing in some of the world's toughest 'ultra-marathon' races including the Badwater 135. Dion has won races; including the Kalahari Extreme 155 mile race, Delirious W.E.S.T. 200 miles and become the first male to run the Grand Slam of 100's (silver buckling in all races) and the gruesome Leadman Series in one year


More About Finding Gobi

This International Bestselling book is the amazing untold true story of extreme ultra runner Dion Leonard and Gobi the Chinese stray desert dog. Now available in 23 languages globally the two become running companions in the toughest of conditions and against all odds they formed an unbreakable bond that would change both of their lives forever.

Book: https://www.findinggobi.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/findinggobi/?hl=en

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