August 03, 2021
Learn A Lot From A Lick | Ice Cream for Dogs? | Dog Edition #29

I scream, you scream, dogs scream for Ben & Jerry’s “ice cream!” This might be a doggie dessert, but with human grade ingredients, pups may need to wrestle with their owners for the tub.

It is all about the licks. Whether it is Ben & Jerry’s doggie desserts or a human face – what is it with all that licking? The many meanings behind dog licks and a tasty frozen dessert to keep dogs and humans happy during the hot weather.

What is with the tongue?

What is in a dog’s lick? Whether it is a long, slurpy lick, those little licks at the mouth, or the sneaky lick of the leg after a person has exercised, the truth is, they all mean something different. From being an affection gesture, to trying to appease people or other dogs, the message behind the ‘lick’ is more complex than one might think.

Why do dogs lick?

Doggie Desserts courtesy Ben & Jerry’s

Lindsay Bumps thinks dogs deserve their very own ice cream. And since she works for Ben & Jerry's, one of the most dog-friendly companies in the United States, she gets her own way. She visits to tell the story of Doggie Desserts, their brand-new, human-grade treat for pups. And yes, we (and our dogs) get to take a few licks!

Dog Lovers Live – Laura Reeves 

Dog Lovers Live, a discovery of dog loving podcasters and YouTubers. Laura hosts The Good Dog Pod and Pure Dog Talk where she talks to the legends of the sport, and gives tips and tools to create an awesome life with your purebred dog 

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About Lindsay Bumps 

Lindsay Bumps is Global Marketing Specialist at Ben & Jerry's, one of the most dog-friendly workplaces in the United States. Doggie Desserts is Ben and Jerry's new frozen treat for dogs. It comes in two flavors.  

Check out our taste-test video here: 

Ben and Jerry's Doggie Desserts: 

About Laura Reeves 

Laura Reeves is an AKC Breeder of Merit, AKC Judge, Good Dog Advisor and a retired zone representative for the Professional Handler Association. She is also a second-generation breeder of German Wirehaired Pointers, under the Scotia Kennel banner. Laura hosts The Good Dog Pod and Pure Dog Talk.