February 02, 2021
Loki & Big Dog Takes Flight | Dog Edition #3

On today's show we visit America's Mountain West, where we pay homage to two of its most interesting denizens: Loki the Wolf Dog, and Dr. Peter Rork, the pilot/orthopedic surgeon who flies thousands of rescue dogs to their forever homes on the other side of the Continental Divide.

Fly with us to America's Mountain West, where two of its most interesting denizens live.  

Loki the Wolf Dog: An Instagram SuperStar

Loki the Wolf Dog has over 2 million social media followers, and after you "listen" to our audio postcard of his Instagram feed you will understand why. Escape with Loki and his dad, Kelly Lund, as they canoe across an alpine lake, set their dreams alight in a campfire, and chase jackrabbits. Adventures abound! But as so often happens, so does heartbreak when Loki's "little brother" Bailey, who belongs to Kelly's girlfriend Ally, gets hit with the number one killer of dogs: cancer.  

Dr. Peter Rork's Heart Is As Big As Wyoming: Dog Is My CoPilot

In our second segment we take off in a plane called The Big Dog. It's a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan packed from floor to ceiling, fore to aft, with dozens of lucky rescue dogs. What are they doing? Flying to their forever homes on the other side of the western mountain ranges. Who's flying them? Dr. Peter Rork, the retired orthopedic surgeon who founded the nonprofit Dog Is My CoPilot.  


00:50 – Introducing Kelly Lund and His Wolf Dog, Loki 

02:07 – Join Loki on His Adeventures with this Audio Postcard 

04:35 – Hear the Story Behind Kelly and Loki's Instagram Success 

08:05 – From a Love of the Outdoors to a Brotherly Love 

12:26 – Take Flight With Dr. Peter Rork on a Rescue Transport Mission 

19:41 – Find Out What We Have Planned for Next Week! 


About Loki the Wolf Dog 

Loki the Wolf Dog is one of the most famous dogs on Instagram. His feed is chock-a-block with outdoor adventures with Kelly Lund, and his girlfriend Ally. The photos and videos they create are journal entries in a life well lived. Whether running through meadows or across beaches, snowboarding or driving 10,000 miles to Alaska, Loki and Kelly inspire us to get out, explore the world, and make memories with our own dogs. Must-follow for gorgeous images. 

Loki the Wolf Dog: https://www.lokithewolfdog.com/ 

Loki on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loki/ 

Dog Cancer Answers: https://dogcanceranswers.com  

About Dr. Peter Rork and Dog Is My CoPilot 

Dog Is My CoPilot, the non-profit Dr. Peter Rork founded in 2012, has rescued more than 16,000 at risk animals. This organization flies animals from shelters that use euthanasia to shelters that don't, so they can eventually find their forever homes. Dog Is My CoPilot works collaboratively with city shelters, local animal welfare organizations and individuals in fifteen Western states to coordinate transports. They provide life-saving air services at no cost to the shelters and adoption centers with whom they partner. Want to get involved? Dr. Rork asks you donate to your local shelter, foster a dog, and give to his nonprofit if you have something left over.  

Dog Is My CoPilot: https://dogcopilot.org/