December 06, 2022
My Dog the Mayor | Dog Edition #75

Wild dogs choose their leaders based on instincts. We humans rely on elections, in part to keep our instincts at bay. What does it mean when dogs win our human elections?

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This episode is the second installment of Wag The Vote!, our dog-centric, non-partisan, on-going campaign to encourage voter participation. Dogs are the ultimate “good citizens” … and we think they want us humans to be good citizens, too.

In this episode: dog mayors. (Yes, that's a thing.)

Are dogs being elected to public office a sign of democratic collapse? Political hijinks to install a figurehead, a mere puppet for the masters pulling the other end of the leash?

Or are they the natural end result of civically engaged communities?

Today, we talk about the how and the why of successful canine campaigns for mayor.

Unless it’s happened in your town, you might not realize there are quite a few animal mayors, especially in America. From the first mule candidate elected in 1938, to a town that has had animal mayors since 1998, we discuss the good, the bad, and the downright ridiculous.

A very special thanks to the Tacoma Library in Washington state for helping us track down the clippings of Boston Curtis' 1938 election.

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This episode is sponsored in part by EverPup and BarkBox.

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