March 02, 2021
Podcasting from Home with a Puppy | Dog Edition #7

We all had busy lives before the pandemic. Since coronavirus? Yikes. Our guests today have found a way to balance it all, though ... and their love for dogs is foundational. Rob Sayegh Jr., illustrator, "doodles" shelter dogs, dog toys, and his new picture book about erm, tails. Kate Erickson may have found the perfect entrepreneur-podcast-from-home formula with her puppy…

Dogs, work, life – it's all a balancing act. Meet some creative people who have found a way to blend it all together seamlessly. 

Rob Sayegh Jr. Author and Children's Book Illustrator

Rob Sayegh Jr. plays as a way of life. He entertains his San Francisco neighbors with life-size window cartoons. He designs dog toys. He attracts parents of shelter dogs with his #AdoptADoodleProject dog portraits. And his new picture book, Love Tails, illustrates what's involved in dog greetings. (Hint: every dog has a tale to tell with their tail.)

Lulu, The 5 Million Dollar Border Collie

When Bill died, he left his Border Collie Lulu bereft, but not destitute. Not by a long shot. He earmarked $5 million dollars -- the bulk of his estate -- to his precious pup. That's enough to make us cock our heads and wonder: what does a dog do with so much money? And why don't more folks make provisions for the pets in their estate planning?

Kate Erickson, Entrepreneurs on Fire

Like many others, Kate and John expanded their family during the pandemic by adopting a dog. The entrepreneurs, thrilled with their new pup, had to find a way to keep him from disrupting work. As podcasters, it was a challenge -- but they came up with a solution. Kate Erickson joins us to share their unique formula for managing a home office and a bouncy puppy.


2:02 – Communities in San Francisco Come Together in the Pandemic

4:04 – Rob Sayegh Jr. #AdoptADoodleProject Helps Dogs Get Adopted

6:01 – What's It Like to Design Toys for Dogs?

8:44 – Rob Sayegh Jr. Talks About His Debut Book Love Tails

9:30 – Rob Draws Inspiration from His Dog Walks

10:49 – Lulu, The $5,000,000 Dog

13:32 – What Happens When We Try to Work From Home

14:57 – Entrepreneur, Kate Erickson Shares How She Works From Home with Her Pandemic Pup, Gus

19:39 – Find Out What's On Our Next Episode

About Rob Sayegh Jr.

Rob Sayegh Jr, is a former toy designer turned children's book author/illustrator. Through humorous pictures and whimsical words, he traps his infectious giggle on the page. When he's not doodling or writing, he enjoys collecting vintage toys, officiating snack taste-tests, falling in love with every dog he meets, and exploring his city. He currently lives in San Francisco with his partner and their dogs, Penny and Rigby.

Book: Love Tails by Rob Sayegh Jr.

Published by Cameron Kids. Available wherever books are sold March 9, 2021

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About Kate Erickson

What happens when you take a marketing and advertising background, add an English degree and then uncover a passion for entrepreneurship? Really cool stuff. Kate Erickson is the Integrator of Awesome Ideas at Entrepreneurs On Fire! After years in the banking industry, she decided to invest in herself. She has taken her knowledge and experience and dedicated it to service. She helps others recognize, create, and build the businesses they once assumed were pipe dreams.

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