October 05, 2021
Researchers Explore If Dogs Really Love Us | The Bowties Changing Lives | Dog Edition #38

It is a simple question with a not so simple answer. Does your dog love you? Delve into the complicated science that will give you a clue if those puppy dog eyes really are a love thing.

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The love of a dog and the love for a dog. Both are explored in very different ways in this episode, first by a group of scientists, then by a teenage entrepreneur.

Does my dog love me?

Let’s just say, the answer isn’t straight forward. Research out of Austria has pondered this very question, and further, does my dog love food more than me? And while the answer is ‘sort of’, a deep analysis of a dog’s cognitive abilities reveals it still needs you — perhaps even as much as you need it.

Does my dog love me?

A Stitch in Time Can Save a Canine

Sir Darius Brown is a teen entrepreneur with an instinct for marketing shelter dogs. His compassion for lonely seniors whose fate is dire prompted him to help them get noticed. How? Hand-sewn bowties, of course! He's helped 1,000 senior dogs dress to impress and attracted praise from Barack Obama. Listen to his story of how a simple fine motor skill exercise (sewing) launched a life of activism.

Dog Lovers Live – With a Dog

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About Sir Daruis Brown

Sir Darius Brown, the teenager with a heart of gold is a powerhouse teen entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, animal advocate and founder of Beaux & Paws. He creates handmade stylish bow ties. In 2019, Sir Darius’s created the "PAW-SOME MISSION". The goal for the mission is to ship bow ties to and visit animal shelters in all 50 states. Upon visiting the animal shelters Sir Darius will be donating his bow ties personally, assisting with adoption events, and using his platform of over 50K followers on social media to highlight adoptable pets and give them even more exposure to help them find forever homes faster.