August 31, 2021
Saving Dogs With Planes, Trains & Automobiles | Girls With Dogs | Dog Edition #33

Trains, planes and automobiles. The superhero animal rescuers saving dogs and getting them to their forever homes, anyway they can.

To mark international dog day, we are celebrating the tireless life-saving work so many animal lovers do across the globe, with ‘Doobert’ aka Uber for dogs and the pilot-turned-orthopaedic-surgeon-turned-dog-shelter-rescuer.

Doobert: Free Uber for dogs

By day Chris Roy is an IT professional and by night and weekends, he’s an avid animal rescuer, pilot and superhero who loves to dream up new ways that technology can help people help animals.

Chris Roy started flying animal rescues, transporting shelter dogs from high-kill locations to places where they were more likely to be adopted. But realizing that coordinating the ground and aviation legs was not as simple as it could be, he created a system to coordinate the trips . And he named it after his cat: Doobert. Doobert is a volunteer based Uber-like service with tens of thousands of volunteers across the US, that any rescue or shelter can use. It is kind of like where rescues and shelters connect with each other and with volunteers who transport the animals wherever they need to go. The online platform has become a household name in the world of pet rescue, and it all started with a 17-year-old, 15-pound cat called Doobert.

Dr Peter Rork's Heart Is As Big As Wyoming: Dog Is My CoPilot

Take off with us and Peter Rork in a plane called The Big Dog. It's a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan packed from floor to ceiling, fore to aft, with dozens of lucky rescue dogs. What are they doing? Flying to their forever homes on the other side of the western mountain ranges. Who's flying them? Dr. Peter Rork, the retired orthopaedic surgeon who founded the non-profit Dog Is My CoPilot.  

Dog Is My CoPilot

Dog Lovers Live – Girls with Dogs 

Dog Lovers Live, a discovery of dog loving podcasters and YouTubers. A conversation between friends who are crazy about their dogs. Cathy Bennett and Kimberly Gauthier met at a pet blogging conference and stayed in touch, having fun chats on the phone about all things dogs and now they're turning those chats into a podcast. They are two dog moms and friends who understand what it is to be "Crazy Dog Moms."

Girls with dogs

About Cathy Bennett

Cathy Bennett is a wife and mother who waited almost all her life for a dog of her own. Then the right time and dog(s) came along. Fascinated by her Goldendoodles intelligence, love for anything breathing and the manner in which they can anticipate a human emotional need at the precise moment, she started blogging about them in 2012 and Groovy Goldendoodles was born. More recently she joined her friend Kimberly Gauthier in their podcast Girls with Dogs.

Groovy Goldendoodles

About Kimberly Gauthier

Kimberly Gauthier started her Keep the Tail Wagging blog in December 2011 as an expression for her love of her dogs. She chronicles her adventures in dog nutrition, raw feeding, health, training, behavior, and more. No longer a hobby, her site is now a woman/minority-owned small business. The goal? To raise awareness of natural alternative canine care and wellbeing. She is the author of A Novice’s Guide to Raw Feeding and Keeping it Raw™: 100 Questions Pet Parents Ask About Raw Feeding for Dogs.

Keep the Tail Wagging

A Novice's Guide to Raw Feeding

Keeping It Raw

No You Can’t Pet My F-in Dog!