January 31, 2023
So, You Want to Be a Dog Breeder? | Dog Edition #81

To breed or not to breed? That is the question. In this episode, we take a dive into the world of responsible breeding and hear about the months of research, sleepless nights, and hidden costs of bringing the next generation of dogs into the world.

Dog breeding can be a highly controversial topic. Why bring more puppies into the world when there are still dogs needing homes in shelters? In today’s episode, we explore that perception with some thoughtful input from two of our expert guests.

A lot goes into the process of becoming a responsible dog breeder: What costs are involved? How do you actually “breed” dogs? What breed should you choose? How do you even get started?

We hear from one breeder in Canada who went all the way to Brazil to find exactly what she was looking for to start her line of dogs. And did you know that some dogs require artificial insemination? Do you know how much that COSTS?

Once mom is through labor and the so cute pups arrive, the intensive labor for humans is just beginning. Raising them is a hands-on endeavor, and then playing lifelong matchmaker for the little darlings is not as easy as you might thing. Everyone wants a cute puppy, but who will be a great match, and who will give up on your sweet little ball of fluff and send them back to your loving arms?

If you’re thinking it’s all worth it because they make a lot of money, you might be sobered by the financial reality check our guests share. To lighten the mood, we end with a jolly tale of a Christmas birth.

Episode Links

Pupstarts Breeders Rebecca Walters online training resource for breeders (UK based)

Canine Reproduction and Neonatology by Marthina L Greer - literally the bible of breeding, everything you need to know

Puppy Culture Resource for raising well-rounded puppies

Avidog Resource for puppy raising, a little higher-octane than Puppy Culture (the Avidog system is used extensively by performance/working dog breeders)

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Started as a hip dysplasia registry. You can submit your dog's hip x-rays to them, and they grade them for hip dysplasia, the positive ratings are good and ex fair, good, and excellent.


Beverley Cuddy is the editor of Dogs Today magazine and a campaigner for responsible breeding

Tiff Murray is a Golden Retriever breeder at Maplehill Kennels near Ottawa in Canada

Rebecca Walters runs Pupstarts Breeders

Kate Eldredge Basedow LVT breeds Belgian Tervuren www.coyoteruntervuren.com

Vicky Rutherford breeds labrador retrievers at Nook On Lyne Labradors in Cumbria, UK

Vanessa Waddon is the founder of Hope Rescue in Llanharan in Wales

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