February 07, 2023
Hound Headlines 2/7/23 | Dog Edition #82

In this new fortnightly unscripted show we bring you a round-up of some of the week’s dog related news stories.

In this episode of Dog Edition – Hound Headlines we look at the following news stories

Britain’s Ugliest Dog has been crowned.

Four-year-old Peggy, believed to be a Pug and Chinese Crested cross (a ‘Pugese’) The competition was organized by a printing company. Peggy won a pamper session at a pet salon. Salon manager Sam Burton said: "I think she's really cute in her own way."

Which dog has the strongest bite?

Some scientists did a study a few years ago and it’s resurfaced in the news this week. The top three were as follows:

(1) The Kangal has the strongest bite of any breed of dog – an impressive 743 psi. This makes them particularly good at guarding livestock from predators in their native Turkey

(2) The Dogue de Bordeaux has a fearsome bite strength of 556 psi - although this breed is notoriously so lazy they are unlikely to often use it.

(3) The Mastiff's impressive 552 psi bite has been used to great effect over the years in everything from guarding villages to hunting wolves.

Oodie for dogs!

The Oodie has just launched its popular sherpa fleece hoodie for dogs! It’s available in pink, blue and white and made from their famous super-soft, ultra-warm Sherpa fleece just like their famous Oodie wearable blankets.

Dogs (and their owners) have to use the service entrance in New York

NY Times has an article about how tenants of some apartments in New York never see the grand lobbies and elevators they pay for because if they come and go with their pet they have to use the service elevator and doors

Is this fair? What about residents with allergies in lifts where hair may linger in carpets?

Two dogs who ate things they shouldn’t have

Luna is in a rescue shelter in Ireland and ate a tin of dog food, including the tin. The vets bill was £1200

A Labrador ate a £600 electricity voucher/coupon before her owner could redeem it, luckily the QR code was the only important part of the letter and that bit was intact so could be scanned

Vet in the UK who has taken in 10 dogs because their owners wanted them euthanized

A vet called Sharon Williams has taken to rescuing healthy dogs that were going to be put down. Currently has 20 dogs, 17 horses, nine cockerels and two cats who were all unwanted.

Many are young animals with behavior problems caused by lack of discipline or exercise or both

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