February 14, 2023
Canine Matchmakers | Dog Edition #83

Dogs have a knack for knowing who to trust and love, and wise humans follow their lead. Meet dog lovers who let their canines play matchmaker.

It’s our Valentine’s special, and today’s show is a beautiful box of chocolates packed with sweet and salty stories from dog lovers all over the world about how the love of their dog multiplied the love in their lives exponentially.

We talk about celebrities who met via their dog and tell tales from past guests who admitted to using a canine matchmaker. We also bring you three special stories about dogs who played Cupid.

Kim met Neil in Ottawa, Canada walking through the picturesque Dominion Arboretum at an unusual time of day for her. Was it the hand of fate throwing that tennis ball?

Carol and Chris met while working at an event in Nevada, U.S.A. Neither were looking for romance, but they were both in love with a beautiful dalmatian.

When Martina wanted to explore Europe, she had to leave her beloved horse and find a more travel-friendly companion animal. Her sweet new puppy didn’t just give her freedom: she also got a new career and a new love.

Episode Links

Ottawa’s Arboretum - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Arboretum

Jenine Stanley featured in Episode 77 - https://shows.dogpodcastnetwork.com/show/dog-edition/show-6/

Emma featured in episode 69 - https://shows.dogpodcastnetwork.com/show/dog-edition/hopes-story-an-8000-mile-odyssey-69/

Her now partner was in episode 71 - https://shows.dogpodcastnetwork.com/show/dog-edition/show-1/

Research about how dogs help owner socialise - https://www.waltham.com/dogs-can-help-owners-socialise

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