It’s our holiday gift special! We've sniffed out everything DOGGONE PAWESOME for dogs (and dog lovers) this year … and we're giving them ALL away!

We’ve been digging around all year to find our favorites. We’ve tested and tried and we've got opinions up the wazoo. Whether your budget is $10 or $150, we’ve got something for you to consider.

Want to finally take that perfect selfie with your dog?

Or get a designer bag for under $20?

Finally know if your dog’s ears are spaniel or retriever?

This is the show for you!

Want to get ALL the gifts? You can, by entering our giveaway! If your name is drawn, you will get ALL the items featured in the episode! For contest rules and entry, click here.

Featured Gifts

Pooch Selfie ($9.99)

Zoo Snoods Reindeer Costume ($24.99)

Zoo Snoods Store (options available under $20.00)

Haute Diggity Dog Store

-Chewy Vuitton ($13.99)

-Starbarks Frenchie Roast ($18.99)

-Grrrona ($18.99)

-Lick Croix ($14.92)

AquaPaw ($24.95)

AquaPaw Lick Mat ($10.95)

AquaPaw Equine ($34.84)

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit ($139.00)

Episode Links

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