September 21, 2021
The Odd Couple | A Reunion Story For The Silver Screen | Dog Edition #36

It’s a case of very strange bedfellows. Meet the English Staffy and the Australian Magpie who have become the best of friends and an Instagram sensation.

Whether it is an unusual friendship between a bird and a dog, or a rescue family of pups reunited a long way away from where they were separated, today’s episode is all about animal relationships and family bonds.

Interspecies friendship: Molly and Peggy

It’s the adorable story of an adopted rescue English Staffy and an abandoned magpie who have become the unlikeliest of friends. Peggy and Molly are inseparable. They play together, snuggle together and even sunbake together.

Peggy and Molly's Instagram

Molly the Magpie and Peggy the Dog, real life Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Story

Marvin, Murry, and Leo – A Rescue Family

When New Yorker, Tara Derington adopted a rescue dog she named Leo from a Texas shelter, she didn’t know her new pup’s dad had also been adopted into the same zip code – until a fateful walk around the block brought them back together. But there’s more! Leo had a brother and he, too, ended up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This reunion story is so cute, it could have come from the mind of New York screenwriting queen, Nora Ephron.

Dog Lovers Live – Katya Lidsky, The Animal That Changed You

Dog Lovers Live, a discovery of dog loving podcasters and YouTubers. Katya Lidsky is host of the podcast The Animal That Changed You, and each show guests share with her about what their lives were like before and after they met the animal that changed them, and how that pivotal relationship helped shape who they are to this day.  

My Zen Pet

About Tara Derington

Tara Derington is the Director of Digital Publishing at Thrive Global and a passionate dog person. She adopted her rescue dog, Leo, from Dr. Dolittle’s Rescue Ranch in Mcallen, TX.

About Katya Lidsky 

Katya Kidsky is a writer, podcaster, and animal person. She describes herself as an overall dog nut, who volunteers at animal shelters, fosters dogs, trains dogs, and is a friend to animals in this world. She has written for TV and sold TV pilots, and also written books, as well as for The Mighty, Austin Humane Society, The Bark,, Together Magazine,, Our Hen House, and Girlie Girl Army. Her one-woman show, I’m Sorry, which she wrote and performed, was accepted into the New York Fringe Festival and enjoyed 2 years of sold-out audiences in LA and NYC. She also runs Pesky Moon Entertainment in Austin with her husband.

Katya Lidsky website