September 27, 2022
The Queen’s Corgis: An 89-Year Love Affair | Dog Edition #65

In commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II we remember her extraordinary 89-year relationship with corgis.

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love of corgis, which began when she was gifted one in 1933 when she was very much a child. Over the next 89 years, her corgis were constant companions, and the breed became something of a mascot for her reign.

We say that dog lovers are a breed apart, and we are proud that Britain’s longest reigning monarch was one of our most regal pack members. Today, we look back at her royal canine dynasty. What makes corgis suited for palace life ... and did the Queen save a dying breed?

Even though we can't quite understand how this is possible, we concede that not all the members of the royal family had a good relationship with the monarch’s dogs. So, we also examine whether the Queen’s husband loved -- or merely tolerated – these short-legged cattle dogs. Another question: was the Duchess of Sussex welcomed by the Queen’s favorite pups?

We also examine the role corgis played in Princess Elizabeth’s childhood and how she drew on their steady, loving presence for comfort throughout her epic reign.

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British Kennel Club:

If you’d like to pay your respects to the Queen by supporting a rescue that works with Corgis or you are interested in fostering or adopting, here are a few suggestions:

Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue in California, USA

Welsh Corgi Rescue in the UK

Southeast Corgi Rescue in the USA, Finding homes for Corgis in North & South Carolina and Georgia

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Rescue Trust in the USA

About Caroline Perry

Caroline is an author, journalist, and producer who was born in Britain but currently resides in Southern California. As an avid traveler Caroline allows her adventures to inspire her work. Her illustrated children’s book The Corgi & The Queen is based on the true story of the incredible relationship the monarch had with her dogs. It was originally planned to be released early in 2023 but keep your eye out as it may be being published before Christmas now!

About Vicky Edwards

Vicky Edwards is a British author and dog lover. Her books include Dogs: A Miscellany and The Duke Of Edinburgh: The Portrait Of A Great British Institution

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