August 24, 2021
There Is More Than One Way To Lose A Dog | Pet Sitter Confessional | Dog Edition #32

Like Ace Ventura, Jamie Katz has a knack for finding lost dogs. Tips from this dogged pet detective when your pup goes missing… and a fond farewell for a special pooch who has gone to sleep for the final time.

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There is more than one way to lose a dog. In this episode we cross the rainbow bridge with James Jacobson’s Maltese Roo and meet a pet detective who has a nose for sniffing out missing pups.

Grieving the loss of a dog

Saying goodbye to a dog is never easy, in fact it is probably one of the hardest things a dog lover must do. James Jacobson marks the loss of his beloved Roo, with some insightful moments from Lori Levine, who knows what it is to grieve for dogs, all too well.

Do you remember love – a love poem to my dog (video)

Jamie Katz – Licensed Pet Detective

When a beloved dog goes missing, we tend to panic. We assume the worst: dognapping! We tend to not think clearly about how to best begin a search. That’s where a licensed Private Investigator can be of help. Jamie Katz is just such a professional, who exclusively works to get pets back home. This real-life, bona fide Pet Detective offers tips and insights. And you won’t want to miss the story about her latest super-success story.

Dog Lovers Live – Pet Sitter Confessional

Dog Lovers Live, a discovery of dog loving podcasters and YouTubers. Collin and Meghan host Pet Sitter Confessional, a podcast by pet sitters for pet sitters. It’s an open and honest discussion about life as a pet sitter. 

Pet Sitter Confessional 

Lori Levine

Lori Levine, founder of Flying Television, is a pioneer in the world of strategic entertainment marketing and events. The driving force behind some of the most recognizable entertainment promotions and parties of the past decade, Lori harnesses the power of celebrity to elevate brands above the clutter of the modern media landscape. As a talent executive for NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” Lori earned widespread acclaim for her ability to keep the show at the cutting edge of pop culture and ensure a constant flow of A-list guests.

Instagram: @FlyingTV, @LoriLevineFTV



About Jamie Katz

Licensed Private Investigator Jamie Katz is the best in the biz when it comes to reuniting lost pets with their loved ones. Katz has travelled across the country at a moment’s notice and successfully found missing animals in rural towns as well as in big cities. PI Jamie Katz, LLC is the only private investigation agency in South Florida that specializes full-time in reuniting lost, missing and stolen pets with their families with the aid of scent specific tracking dogs.


About Pet Sitter Confessional 

Collin and Meghan have a decade of experience looking after other people's pets and on Pet Sitter Confessional, a podcast by pet sitters for pet sitters, they speak to guests about the ins and outs of pet sitting.