October 18, 2022
Vows & Bowwows: Dogs in Weddings | Dog Edition #68

Some bridal couples think their special day will not feel complete without their pup. And thus, an entirely new type of wedding business is born.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, 1 in 5 households welcomed a new cat or dog. That’s about 23 million American homes with a new family member. You could call it a pet boom.

And just like the baby boom of the post-war era or the recent millennial baby boom, it created something of an opportunity for savvy business types.

Once adopted, dogs quickly establish themselves as an integral family member. Doing something special without them starts to feel … icky. Especially a little thing called “having a wedding.”

As the lockdowns ended, and people started planning weddings again, they couldn’t imagine leaving their dogs out of the festivities. How could they? Their dogs were, well … family!

Couples started inviting their dogs to be Best Man, Maid of Honor, Ring Bearer, and Flower Dog. Why not? Their unconditional love represents the central purpose of the marriage ceremony.

Today we’re talking to the business owners who decided to support these enterprising dog lovers in their efforts to center their dogs on their Big Day.

There’s the artist who crafts tuxedo harnesses suitable for walking mom and dad down the aisle.

And the couple who hired their dog to be their wedding videographer.

The florist who helps advise about the most dog-friendly flowers … and the ultimate dog sitter/walker company that ensures your dog appears on time for the ceremony and goes back home for the big party.

This is a wedding trend we can officially get behind.

Marshall Burnette – Filmmaker from Colorado

YouTube Video - GoPro: Our Snowy Wedding (from our dog's perspective)

Website: https://www.marshallburnette.com/

Jenny Spedding Etsy shop owner of Tuna & Bear

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/tunaandbear

Veronica Silghigian founder of Pawfect for You

Website: https://pawfectforyou.com/

Grace Farrimond – Young Blooms

Website: https://youngblooms.co.uk/

Leanne Kesler – Floral Design Institute

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